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Magic Quiz – Interactive quiz powered by AI
Dream Interpreter – AI-based dream interpretation tool
Image Colorizer – Tool to automatically colorize black and white images
Scribble Diffusion – AI tool for creating artistic scribble art
The GPT Who Lived – AI model inspired by Harry Potter – AI-powered game for entertainment
Drayk-it – AI tool for generating unique designs and patterns
What Does This Company Do? – AI-based tool to generate humorous descriptions of fictional company purposes
Maps GPT – AI-powered tool for generating map-related content
Deep Nostalgia – AI tool that animates old photos
Magic Type AI – AI tool for generating text in various writing styles
WatchNow – AI-based recommendation system for movies and TV shows
ChefGPT – AI-generated recipes and cooking ideas
Chatty Cat – AI-powered chatbot with a cat persona
Data Explorer – AI tool for exploring and analyzing data
This Model Does Not Exist – AI-generated models and artwork
Ideas AI – AI tool for generating creative ideas and suggestions
Find Your Next Book – AI-powered book recommendation system
Talk to Books – AI tool that generates responses based on books
Movie to Emoji – AI tool that converts movies into emojis
Explain Like I’m Five – AI-powered explanations in simple terms
Hello History – AI tool for exploring historical events and figures
Context – AI-powered tool that adds context to text passages
Unreal Meal – AI-generated recipes for unique and creative meals
Reface AI – AI tool for face-swapping in videos and images
AnyPod – AI tool for generating podcast episode summaries
Vitalentim – AI-based talent assessment and recruitment platform
Chat with Fiction – AI chatbot that interacts
with fictional characters and stories 29. Automated Combat – AI-driven combat simulation and strategy tool
AI Card Generator – AI tool for generating custom card designs
Bark Voice Cloning App – AI-powered voice cloning application
Artist Interview – AI-generated interviews with famous artists
Jedi GPT – AI model trained on Star Wars data for generating Star Wars-themed text
Acrostic AI – AI tool that generates acrostic poems based on input words
Kiti AI – AI-powered virtual assistant for scheduling and task management
Dream GF – AI-generated virtual girlfriend experience
Ovalowl – AI tool for creating customized illustrations
Slang Thesaurus – AI-driven slang translation and synonym tool
Chirper AI – AI tool for generating fictional tweets and social media content
Cosmic Whisper AI – AI tool for generating cosmic-themed text and stories
AI Pet Namer – AI tool for generating creative names for pets
Rizz – AI tool for generating random ideas and prompts
Kanye Tweet Generator – AI tool that generates Kanye West-style tweets
Dreamore – AI tool for exploring dream-related themes and interpretations
Discordpal – AI chatbot for Discord servers
Ask Marcus Aurelius – AI-powered advice and philosophical insights inspired by Marcus Aurelius
Giftbox – AI tool for finding the perfect gift ideas
Imaginaition – AI tool for generating imaginative stories and concepts
Saga: AI Text RPG – AI-powered text-based role-playing game experience
RizzGPT – AI tool for generating random prompts and ideas
AstroGPT – AI tool for generating astrology-related content and insights
Chatmosphere – AI-powered chatbot platform for various use cases
Bizzart – AI-generated abstract art and design tool
Dumm-e – AI tool for generating funny and humorous responses
Name Generator – AI-powered tool for generating names for various purposes
Gatherly AI – AI-powered virtual event platform with interactive features
Miniapps AI – AI-powered mini-applications and tools for various tasks
ar Create!]( – AI tool for collaborative storytelling and content creation 59. EasyMessage – AI-generated message suggestions for various occasions
These Abs Do Not Exist – AI-generated images of fictional abs
Name Compatibility – AI tool for determining name compatibility between individuals
Name for Your Baby – AI tool for suggesting names for babies
Ask Oracle – AI tool for providing insights and advice based on user questions
Baba Selo – AI-powered tool for generating humorous text and quotes
RoboTalk – AI-powered chatbot platform for natural language conversations – AI tool for trying out different hairstyles virtually
MemeJourney – ChatGPT for Memes – AI tool for generating memes and meme captions
AI Named My Pet – AI tool for generating unique and creative names for pets
AIScamDetective – AI tool for detecting and analyzing scam emails and messages
Haiku Lens – AI tool for generating Haiku poetry based on user input
UncensoredGreats – AI-generated quotes from famous personalities
MemeCam – AI-powered camera app for creating and customizing memes
Pod Genie – AI tool for generating podcast episode ideas and summaries
Playlistable – AI-powered music playlist generation and curation tool
Korewa AI – AI tool for generating anime-style character names and descriptions
ToolBuilder – AI-powered platform for building custom AI tools and applications
Vicuna 13B – AI chatbot platform for various conversational experiences
Storied – AI tool for interactive storytelling and narrative creation
HitchAI – AI-powered travel planning and recommendation app
RoomGPT – AI-powered room layout and design tool
Petname AI – AI tool for generating unique and creative names for pets
Friends Fables – AI-generated stories featuring user’s friends as characters
Video2Recipe – AI tool for generating recipes based on cooking videos
Momo AI – AI-powered travel planner and assistant app
Named by AI – AI tool for generating brand and product names

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